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Gainesville Antenatal Doula

Antenatal doulas could easily be called a high-risk pregnancy support specialist. Kayla provides specialized care to moms on bed rest.

What Does an Antenatal Doula Do?

  • Educational: Provide the mom with books, websites, support groups, and personal experiences so that they have all the information needed to be prepared and empowered.
  • Physical: Teaching moms on bed rest ways to relax and new activities to occupy their time.
  • Emotional: Antenatal doulas help mothers process what is going on and to focus on creating a happy, healthy baby. They provided one-on-one support in person or via phone and e-mail.
  • Practical: They help out around the house, with older siblings, light housework, meal prep, running errands, and more. Kayla tailors her specific tasks and schedules to each individual families needs.

Personal Experience

As a mom of twins, Kayla was on bed rest starting at 28 weeks for preterm labor until she gave birth at 34 weeks. Before that she had kidney stones and was hospitalized for a week. Kayla understands the feelings and emotions running through a mom’s mind during this time, and knows how far a kind word can go let alone unconditional support. As an antenatal doula, it is her goal to provide women with all the support they need to prepare for their birth in comfort and peace.

Fun fact: Being on bed rest for awhile Kayla also picked up many new hobbies like crocheting, which she is am more than happy to pass on!


Antenatal fees are $25 an hour with a minimum of 12 hours and a minimum day of 3 hours.

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