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Doula Services in Gainesville

Our experienced doula specializes in antenatal, labor, and postpartum coaching, in addition to providing childbirth education. Read on to discover why Gainesville area mothers choose KLS Family Wellness to enhance their birthing experiences!

Meet Our Doula, Kayla Dickens

Kayla Dickens is a antenatal, labor, and postpartum doula, and a Childbirth Educator certified with Baby Steps. She is passionate about helping women find empowerment in their pregnancy and birth. Learn more…

Childbirth is an experience that stays with a woman the rest of her life and I am determined to make sure that memory is a positive one to look back on years from now.”

Labor | Birthing

Kayla provides unwavering, judgement-free, support, and education to pregnant and laboring mothers. Learn more…

Antenatal | High-Risk Pregnancy

Antenatal doulas could easily be called a high risk pregnancy support specialist. Kayla provides specialized care to moms on bed rest. Learn more…

Postpartum Support

As a postpartum doula, Kayla can help you find your new normal. She will provide you with evidence based information on infant care, breastfeeding, and physical recovery from birth. Learn more…

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