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Gainesville Postpartum Doula

You have just gone through one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences of your life, welcoming your new little one to the world! You get home start to settle in and are suddenly overwhelmed with this exciting new change in your life. Transitioning to your new routine may seem exhausting whether this is your first, second, third, or twentieth baby.

Don’t worry, you are not alone!

As a postpartum doula Kayla can help you find your new normal. She can provide you with evidence based information on infant care, breastfeeding, and physical recovery from birth, or just sit and listen to your ups and downs, your happiness and stresses. She will support you while you bond with your baby.

Postpartum Doula Services Include:

  • Support With Infant Feeding
  • Cloth Diaper, Swaddling, and Baby Wearing Help
  • Light house work
  • Meal Preparation
  • Laundry
  • Small Errands
  • Sibling Care
  • Non-Judgmental Emotional Support
  • Information & Referrals

These are just some of the things Kayla can help with as a postpartum doula. Her tasks are tailored individually to each family.


Postpartum doula fees are $25 an hour with a minimum of 10 hours and a minimum of 3 hours a day.

To schedule a consultation, call (770) 532-0488
or email us today!