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Gainesville Pregnancy Care and Pediatric Chiropractic

Support for You, Mom

Dr. Lisa wants to help ensure you a comfortable, healthy pregnancy as you and baby prepare for delivery. For this, a healthy nervous system is more crucial than ever. During your pregnancy, your body is going through many changes and we’re here to help you navigate these changes smoothly.

When you visit KLS Family Wellness from the beginning of your pregnancy, Dr. Lisa will recommend you visit once a month if everything is going as planned. If you’re experiencing nausea or other persistent problems, we’ll address those issues as well. We’ll talk about diet and other alternative means to help address your unique needs.

During the last trimester, with the additional amount of weight you’re carrying, we’ll recommend visiting twice a month. For your final six weeks, we’ll recommend once a week so we can check how you and the baby are developing, how you’re carrying baby, your pain or discomfort, etc.

For your comfort, we have a table that we remove the middle section from so you can lie on your stomach comfortably. In some cases, we can use a hot pad for a few minutes to relax your muscles before your adjustment on this same table.

Dr. Lisa is a member of ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association), a program focused on helping children achieve their best health. Specifically, it studies the neurological and physical challenges children face as they grow up. This program has helped Dr. Lisa understand a child’s health needs and correlate their needs through the Subluxation Station scan. This thermal and electromyography (EMG) scan shows where and how to specifically adjust a child to help clear any interference.

Dr. Lisa completed ICPA coursework in advanced pediatrics. She’s working on CACCP certification.

Gainesville Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic

We’re here to be your greatest resource and support system

Ideally, Dr. Lisa would love to see and evaluate your baby after birth. Depending on the type of delivery, each baby will be affected differently. Studies have shown that between 60-90% of infants born will have cervical subluxations from birth. These subluxations can affect their latching reflexes, suckling responses, sleep, colic and more. This is why Dr. Lisa encourages getting your child evaluated, so both you and your child enjoy their infancy as they develop healthily.

Dr. Lisa will check their infant reflexes and look for any possible restrictions in their neck and upper spine. By getting your child examined from a young age, you’re setting your child up for a healthy, happy life!

Living with Sensory Disorders

Dr. Lisa has a special place in her heart for children living with autism, ADD, ADHD and any sensory disorders. Her practice is designed to help all children get a healthy start to life, setting them up for a successful, happy adulthood.

Sensitive to children who are overstimulated, Dr. Lisa chose a color palette based on pastels, to create a calming, relaxing experience in our office. In our waiting room, we have a children’s corner with a blackboard to paint and color. She specifically chose toys to teach and entertain your children as they wait. Our soothing music represents our upbeat, caring atmosphere filled with friendly people and lots of love.

Dr. Lisa visits a local Gainesville group that support parents of autistic children. Her speaking engagements and hosted events discuss vaccinations, medical care and chiropractic care to talk about the experiences everyone faces while finding what’s best for your child.

Little Miracles

Dr. Lisa has seen incredible, life-changing results that continue to inspire her each day. Recently, she had a seven-year-old patient who had never spoken a complete sentence in her life. That is until she began care. After just one week of care, she looked up at her mom and said, “Mom, can I have a dollar?”

Failure of the pull to sit test at 4 months of age indicates a 75% chance of the child developing Autism by 3 years old if the nervous system interference is not corrected. There are additional tests as well as exercises and specific, light force pediatric chiropractic adjustments to remove the nervous system interference and allow the body to heal to the best of its ability. Call our office for more information.

Our team would love to help you and your children feel your greatest, get well and stay well together as a family. Contact us today so that we can show you how true health feels!

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