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Gainesville Chiropractor Helps You Heal Naturally

KLS Family Wellness Is a Place of Hope

Gainesville chiropractor, Dr. Lisa Richter, opens her doors and heart to welcome you and your loved ones to her family practice. Her team at KLS Family Wellness will work to help you to look beyond pain relief and address the underlying cause of your discomfort. Doing so will allow your entire body to heal and function as it was designed.

We want to be a place where you come first knowing you’ll be welcomed with open arms while you heal. Dr. Lisa gives her patients hugs and displays a warm, friendly attitude so you’ll feel right at home. We’re a place of happiness, health and understanding, and we’d love to meet you and help your family next.

Your Child’s Brightest Future

With both children and grandchildren of her own, Dr. Lisa has a special place in her heart for pediatric care, especially children living with ADD, ADHD and autism. Her specialized care and positive outlook on life truly create an environment of healing and success. From the paint colors she chose to the children’s corner and a dedication to pregnancy and pediatric care, our practice was inspired to create a uniquely sensitive healing experience for your child. It is an experience that’s also filled with hope and laughter.

Rewrite Your Story

Regardless of your diagnosis, you don’t have to carry around the label you’ve been given forever. From ADD to IBS and migraines, we see this as part of what you’re going through, not who you are. Our computerized Subluxation Station scan shows us precisely where your issue is so we can use our gentle chiropractic care to help you heal as effectively as possible. This way, you can just focus on being you.

Visit us today and let’s begin a new chapter of your health together. Contact us today and let’s discover your brightest future!

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