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Spinal Decompression in Gainesville

spinal decompression GainesvilleAt KLS Chiropractic, our main goal is to support you on your journey to natural wellness. One of the ways we do that is by offering a variety of different modalities that can help you achieve your goals.

We’re proud to offer gentle, focused spinal decompression therapy for that very reason. Spinal decompression is a scientifically-proven method for reducing back pain and restoring disc health without the need for drugs or surgery. Best of all, it’s completely natural!

How Does Spinal Decompression Work?

Spinal decompression therapy involves laying on a table while your spine is gently stretched, then relaxed, over and over. Each session is completely custom to your needs and problem areas. There is absolutely no pain involved with this therapy-in fact, many of our patients remark how relaxing and great it feels.

This modality isn’t just about pain relief-it actually works to heal the issue that your body is experiencing.

Over time, the discs in our spine can become compressed, which causes them to lose the fluid-filled discs that cushion each one. When these discs are depleted, nerves can’t flow freely, causing dysfunction.

Spinal decompression works to open the space between your discs back up, creating a vacuum that brings the fluid back into the discs and improves function.

Spinal decompression therapy is ideal for patients of all walks of life, and can be particularly beneficial for those dealing with herniated discs, low back pain and neck problems.

Spinal decompression has been widely studied by top institutions, including Harvard and the Mayo Clinic. We’re happy to let patients know that more than 86% of people find success with decompression, which has long lasting benefits-sometimes even longer than spinal surgery. With decompression, most patients see improvement lasting 5 or more years-with back surgery, the improvements may only last 3.

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Dr. Lisa has achieved National Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Certification. She is also a member of the International Disc Education Association and a member of Disc Centers of America.

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