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Pediatric Chiropractic in Gainesville

Adjusting babyPediatric chiropractic is about checking to ensure from birth up through their early twenties that a child’s nervous system is functioning to the best of its ability so that that child will function optimally.

Why Does My Child Need Chiropractic?

Children often experience trauma from the birth process. Dr. Lisa, who has had advanced pediatric training, can check to see if there is any problem that arose from the birth itself. She’s looking to make sure that their nervous system is developing the way that it should be and nothing is impeding their growth and development. She also believes that many kids today are under considerable stress from the full plates of schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Chiropractic can reduce that stress.

Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic

  • Parents don’t want to hear this, but kids under chiropractic care have more energy!
  • Kids tend not to develop allergy and chronic issues with asthma because their nervous system is working properly.
  • Children are more coordinated.
  • They’re able to process information better. They’re just brighter and happier.
  • Kids sleep well, eat well and digest their food well.
  • Children under chiropractic care get sick less often than kids who don’t receive chiropractic care.

A Success Story

A mom brought her kids in for care when they were in middle school. They used to be sick all the time. Once they started care, which they continued through high school, the children no longer got sick.

Convenient Phone Consultations

For younger children, Dr. Lisa would talk to the parents specifically to get more detail into their history. She can provide a consultation over the phone. In particular, when a child is on the spectrum with ADHD or autism, for example, it’s often easier and less stressful if we do the consultation over the phone.

Baby back adjustment

What to Expect

When you bring your child in for care, you’ll quickly notice our fun play area that’s geared toward kids. Dr. Lisa also will get down on your child’s level. She will always ensure that children are comfortable. For example, with kids on the spectrum, Dr. Lisa will wait until they feel comfortable. She takes cues from the children in her care.

I let children hold the Activator® instrument and get used to it and understand what it does. And it’s really interesting because you will see the kids put it up to their upper cervical and they’re waiting for me to adjust them; they know where it goes.

Parents also will often hold their child on their lap or their stomachs during the examination. Rest assured that Dr. Lisa provides gentle adjustments with little to no force. For babies, she has a pediatric headpiece. “I hold it on my chest or up to the baby’s head. That way I can perform an upper cervical adjustment with almost no force,” she adds.

Get Started Today

Help your child get on the path to a healthier future with pediatric chiropractic Gainesville. Contact KLS Chiropractic today to book an appointment with our pediatric chiropractor!

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