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About KLS Family Wellness in Gainesville

Taking the Proactive Approach

Gainesville Chiropractor About Us

“I’m here to help people.” – Dr. Richter

KLS Family Wellness was inspired and named after Dr. Lisa Richter and her daughters, with the names Lisa, Kayla and Samantha. Since 2005, Dr. Lisa and her team strive to help the entire Gainesville and Oakwood, Lula & Flowery Branch communities get well, stay well and maintain good health for a lifetime.

Our bodies were designed to run efficiently and properly. If we can remove the interfering factors, many times we can allow our bodies to heal on their own. There is a way to function and achieve your optimal potential no matter where you are in your life.

A Healthy Future for Your Child

As a chiropractor, Dr. Lisa knows it’s much easier to raise a healthy child than to heal a broken adult. “The younger we get children started with gentle care, the better. The great part is, children heal and recover so much faster than adults.”

With the rise in autism statistics, Dr. Lisa wants to help children living with autism, ADD and ADHD. She wants to find a healthy balance for our children to address the underlying cause of each child’s health needs. She’s happy to be able to provide a natural, safe and effective approach to children’s health through chiropractic care.

Care That Comes from the Heart

“The more that I learn and understand, the more I want to share with people and the more it drives me.” She believes God has put her here for a reason, giving her a past that will help her bless others in her future. “I’m here to help people and do everything I can to help you in any way that I can.”

When you visit KLS Family Wellness, we’ve created a care experience that’s one to remember. We’ll welcome you with open arms and ask how you’re doing including your stress issues and lifestyle habits.

Contact us when you’re ready to see how our team can help you and your family!

KLS Family Wellness | (770) 532-0488